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This is for the photo that “says it all” with regards to your personal experience, but may not fit into the previous two categories.

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Bethlehem Church of Annunciation, Nazareth Zebra Music in the making To school we go Petra, Jordan Dovefoot Geranium Lotus Flower Something higher The Littlest Shepherd Saay WHAT? Natural Beauty Like Mother like Daughter the future of Zambia time to go! Sweet Joy Two sets of footprints A Bite of Oxford A Different View of Westminster Abbey Catacombs of Paris Fun Times Hands on Experiance Discovering New Passions London and the London Eye Overlooking Oxford at the hightest point Nightfall at the Eiffel Tower Majestic Mother Web Spinner Desperate Irony In Zambia During Playoffs Tokens of Travel time for recess! Cliff's Edge You are welcome here. Tranquil pure Dueling A Child's Joy Famous Red Double-Decker