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A Sense of Place

This is about places and scenery; capturing the unique essence of the country you visited.

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Traffic in Yaounde Solitude Better Together At Days End Dome of the Rock St. Catherines Monastery, Egypt City on a Hill Our Neighbourhood Exploring the Rainforest Field Chickweed Juxtaposition The Top of the World (Mt. Sinai) Standing Alone Day's End Market Chaos God's child Africa Zambians Searching for light Ascent from the Depths Future footprints Beautiful Africa The Eiffel Tower Shore Pine Bog Paradise Welcome to London Botanical Beach Versailles Garden Gardens of Versailles Trafalgar Square Passing by Notre Dame along the Seine... The Pitch Double Rainbow Traveling Family Zambian Sunset A bit wet at Victoria Falls The Beginning of Maïs This is Africa Azure & golden Home king Journey My School Yard; a place of Refuge Never be the Same My African Jurassic Park Bon Après-Midi I got here by camel (the top of the w... Oasis Desolate