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A Sense of Place

This is about places and scenery; capturing the unique essence of the country you visited.

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Bedouin Camel A Wall to Cry Over tradesman Mona Lisa I'll give you a good price The Cross of Antigua Iglesia The Streets of La Trinitaria Hombres Sacred Native Nene A Light From Above The Arches- Guatemala City A Venice Canal Illuminated Stripes speak location Paris from up high Sunshine Coast, Australia Wold Famous Australian Landmarks Soaring Over Australia Havana Coastline 6am St. Marco's Untitled The Bled the beauty of crowded seclusion Venezia grand canal. The Domes of Different Dogmas Through a Glass Darkly Coloured Pour Down On me We're Going Up To The High Places Streams in the Desert Old City of Jerusalem Praying on Mount Sinai Hallowed Halls Shower of Sunlight At the Royal Gates The Henge Welcome to Court Architecture - Sacred & Profane Your Prayers Will Reach Me Regular Transportation