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This is for the photo that “says it all” with regards to your personal experience, but may not fit into the previous two categories.

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Child of Nazareth Public Transit Grandchils Art Lago de Atitlan Cuidado con las arañas! Climbing Pacaya La Carreta It's not what it seems The Three Amigos A Perfect Moment A black and white only I know... bullseye bombshell A Friendly Kangaroo The Definition of Relaxation Lunchtime For Kangaroos Nicaragua: Open Door Culture Hold Your Breath St. Stephen's Hope. the slow life glide I've Been Through The Water Stealth "Israel, is this what you want to be... Petra Boredom Rough around the Edges Watermellons Skilled Resting on Ruins Study Castle Graven Memorial Fishing at Caesarea Waiting