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this is for the photo that “says it all” with regards to your personal experience, but may/may not fit into the previous two categories

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Migrant Workers Rush for Work Gaining Perspective Ancient Korea Neighbourhood stroll In for a swim? Tulip Festival Colors of Life Prisoners in Truck Jobs at young ages - herding goats Feet on the Broken Path It Takes a Village The Writing on the Wall Atitlan The Light Shines Through farewell a curious recess zambian pride Melancholy in Church The Importance of Dental Hygiene When Parents Are Gone, the Eldest is... Only Jesus Can Change Your Life Turtles My Bed Nicaraguan Bus Toothbrushes Entrance to a new land The Ambulance High Above the Sky hank lioness nap time Kenyan Women Cooking Food for Kids at... Kenyan Women Carrying Baby Commuting on the Motorbike Guarding the Palace Young Masai temples sun spot the dirty city Lioness Drinking Resting in the shade Peace in the beauty Funny Faces from the Zambian Boys The World Is in My Arm Do you see the heart on the sky? Munich Street Art Beauty of Tulips in Ottawa