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An Intercultural Experience

this is about people, the meeting and mixing of cultures

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Slow Lane Always Watching Ambidextrous Calligraphy le chateau Long live the King! Carrying Baby Feet can tell stories We are the same Holy Hands Wish You Hat Me Young at Heart Time for School street painter a familiar kitchen our front porch protective arms Hanging Around Town Helping Mum Make Food The Worth of a Child's Smile: Priceless Nicaraguan Siblings My Nicaraguan Family Machette Zambian Mother We are the Future A little shy... Munich big band fishing in zurich Sleeping Beauty? Chinese Calligraphy Master The Royal Guard masai warrior the masai masai woman Woman Carrying Water Kids in Muhanda, Kenya Girl at the Pre-School Holding New Gifts Kids in Muhanda, Kenya Fire Building with the Masai Tribe Interaction with Masai Children The youngsters hard at work Maintenance on the Ambulance Health Care in the Community Jewish Synagoge The Horn Sound on the Alps Artist Street Historical Street Waiting Patiently Amidst a rainbow of colours